Delivery Specifics

When will my groceries arrive?

Between ____ & ____* on your designated delivery day. Delivery days are based on location, which are assigned upon sign-up. We deliver Tuesday to Friday. You don’t have to be home when your groceries arrive, so no worries if you’re not able to receive it.

*Weather or traffic conditions may impact delivery times, but we do everything we can to stay within that time frame.

Where will you put my groceries?

We will put your groceries at your front door unless otherwise stated. So, please let us know of any specific directions in the “Delivery Notes” section on the Sign-Up Page.

What does my Market Box look like when it arrives?

Your order will come to you via our cargo bike or our 100% electric car in an insulated bag or box. It will be kept cool with ice packs or dry ice and will stay fresh until you get home.

What do I do with my Market Box after it arrives?

We recycle and reuse as much as possible. So, please leave out your bins, foils and ice packs from week to week so we can wash them and get them right back to you full of fresh stuff. Just leave them out where your new delivery will be dropped, and we will swap the old for the new.

What if I forget to give you all of the necessary delivery info?

Our drivers will do everything they can to get your groceries to you. However, if you do not provide us with the proper address, gate codes, or other necessary delivery information, we will bring your groceries back to our office & charge a $10 redelivery fee. Alternatively, you can swing by the Dundurn Market that same week to pick it up. At the end of the week, we will donate any leftover produce so that nothing goes to waste.

What happens if I change my delivery address?

You're welcome to change your preferred delivery location anytime. However, keep in mind, this may alter your delivery day, depending on the location of your new address. If you have any questions or concerns about updating your account information, reach out to our office anytime at



When can I customize my Market Box?

On _______s we send out an email that marks the beginning of the customization period for the following week. Then, you have until _______ at ___PM to make changes.

Where do I go to see my upcoming orders?

Once you login to your Bikeables account, click on the "Upcoming Deliveries" tab. On this screen, you can see all current and future orders. Keep in mind, you will only be able to make changes to your upcoming produce Market Box during the customization window each week (time and day  - time an day).

How do I change my delivery frequency?

To change your delivery frequency, simply choose your preferred frequency from the dropdown within the "Recurring Items" tab. To be safe, you can always review the "Upcoming Deliveries" tab within your account to review any changes you've made to your orders.

When do you charge me for my order?

We will run your credit card on file on the ________ before your scheduled delivery, and you will receive an emailed receipt. You should also know, we use a third party authenticator, which means we don’t store your info on our site, which makes it as safe as possible.

Can I view my past charges and orders?

Yes, you can see them by visiting the "Order History" tab within your personal account.

How do I close my account?

With Bikeables, there are no strings attached--you can close your account at any time. Just log in, go to the "Account Info" page, and click "Go to Cancellation Form". Once we receive your request, we’ll schedule a driver to pick up any bins, ice packs or foils you may have. 

One note: If you cancel after _____ at ____pm & have a delivery scheduled for the following week, you will receive one final Market Box. At this point, our farmers have already received your order & begun harvesting.


How do I store my produce and should I wash it?

Click here for detailed, item-specific storage tips and recipes. As with all produce, we recommend a quick wash in cold water right before you prepare it.

Where can I find recipes?

Check out our recipes here. We regularly add new recipe ideas to go along with the produce in your Market Box. Suggestions are always welcome!

What if my order is missing or an item is bruised?

We are human and we do make mistakes from time to time. If you get an item that’s not to your liking, or if your order is incorrect, email us and we will make it up to you every time, no questions asked!


How do you decide on the cost?

The cost of produce factors in everything it takes to get from seed to plate. That means seeds, labor, transport, packaging, and delivery. But rest assured, we don’t take shortcuts. We are competitive with your local grocers, and want to offer food that is not only tasty, but also affordable.



How do I give a Bikeables Market Box as a gift?

If you want to share Bikeables as a gift, we suggest using our "Gift Cards" page. If you’d rather opt for a "Gift Market Box", just sign up as a new Bikeables customer, use the recipients name and address on the information page, input your own payment info, and then select the Market Box size on our "Shop" page. Once you've finished, just give us a call (905 _______ ) and we can notate the order as a one-time delivery.


Where does the produce & meat come from?

We partner with farmers who grow food and raise animals the right way. That means local, organic produce whenever possible, and meat from animals thoughtfully raised on small farms. We meet with each farmer we work with to discuss their farming practices.  We try to support as many local growers as we can, as well as encourage a healthy regional food system.

What do you mean when you say it's local?

When we say it’s local, that means it came from Ontario, and likely from within a 50 km radius of Hamilton. We’re pretty serious about that. When you see items in your Market Box that are not local, we try our next best to ensure they are regional. When you see warm-weather fruit or veg in your Market Box, that’s because we still want to offer as much variety as we can while maintaining our local roots.

Skips & Refunds

What if I'm going out of town?

If you’re headed out of town, simply let us know by using the “Skip Delivery” button on your Upcoming Deliveries page. This feature will only skip that specified week’s delivery, so if you want to opt for an extended hold, we suggest visiting the "Delivery Hold" tab in your account settings.


Many reasons, but here are just a few...

  1. Every single Market Box you purchase supports local farmers and artisans and helps us pay them what they deserve, allowing them to grow sustainably.

  2. We are committed to a “no-waste” mentality. We purchase and deliver according to exact orders and nothing more, reducing food waste. At the end of each week, our freezers are empty & fresh produce arrives the following week. We also invest heavily into reusable packaging materials.


What is the Dundurn Market?

Dundurn Market is our brick & mortar retail location.  Click here to see the store and all the fresh produce available. Bikeables delivers from the market all over the city with a focus on the neighbourhoods surrounding the market.


Still Have Questions?

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