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Strathcona Neighbourhood Pizza Party!

Uniting people with pizza! What started as a fun way to celebrate the Leap Year, The Strathcona Pizza Party has quickly turned into a reoccurring event that our awesome customers look forward to attending each month. Seeing our space full of neighbours eating pizza and laughing together truly warms our hearts.

Our talented kitchen crew, lead by Chef Daniel, makes the best focaccia-style pizza; the thing that makes it extra special is that they focus on using surplus ingredients from our grocery and produce departments. For example, goat milk ricotta is made from milk that's coming up on its best before date, over-ripe tomatoes are turned into sauce and herbs get to be the star ingredient in dipping sauces. This allows the kitchen to flex their creative skills while diverting perfectly good food away from the landfills. It's a win- win situation!

The focaccia-style pizza is such a hit that we're developing a take-home version so that people can enjoy tasty pizza any time. Stay tuned!

The Strathcona Market Pizza Party lands on the last Thursday of each month - follow us on Instagram for all the details!

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