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About Us

                    Welcome to Mrktbox, where our passion for providing you with the most nutrient-dense, ethically-produced foods is deeply rooted in our commitment to the well-being of our customers, producers, and the planet we call home. At the heart of our ethos is the belief that supporting small farms and local businesses isn't just a choice – it's a responsibility that benefits the economy and the environment.

Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond mere rhetoric; it's ingrained in everything we do. Utilizing specially designed cargo bicycles and a fossil fuel-free electric car, we ensure that every delivery to your door comes with virtually no negative impact on the environment. This is our way of saying that our commitment to sustainability is not just a sales pitch – it's a fundamental aspect of how we operate.

In our journey to provide you with the best, we form partnerships with farmers who share our values. We prioritize local, organic produce and meat from animals thoughtfully raised on small farms. Our commitment is validated by personal interactions with each farmer, where we discuss and understand their sustainable farming practices. Our goal is not only to support local growers but also to contribute to the development of a healthy regional food system.

When we say "local," we mean it. Our products come from Ontario, typically within a 50 km radius of Hamilton. We take this commitment seriously. In cases where items in your Market Box are not local, rest assured, we make every effort to source regionally. Even when offering warm-weather fruits or vegetables, we strive to maintain variety while staying true to our local roots.

How it works is simple:

1.  We Partner with Local Farms

  Collaborating with the best local, organic, and sustainable farmers in the Greater Hamilton Area and regions within 100km.

2.  Sign up for a Recurring Delivery:

  Choose between regular delivery or shop a la carte, tailoring your experience to suit your family's needs.


3.  We Deliver Right to Your Door:

  Utilizing our sustainable delivery methods via electric car and cargo bike.

For any inquiries or to connect with us, send a message to, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Join us in our mission to savor the best while nurturing our community, our land, and our shared future.

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