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Price Policy

We pay local farmers and other suppliers fair prices. We pay our staff the living wage. We use 100% renewable electricity. We deliver on foot, by bicycle or electric powered car. We stock our shelves with beautiful things made by people who are your neighbours and ours. They don’t have large farms or factories. Their products don't arrive on 18 wheel trucks. The item you buy from us is their passion.

We bake and prepare real food for you here, every day, using ingredients we are happy to tell you all about. That is our passion.

Some of our prices may be a little bit higher than theirs. We believe that the lower prices that they offer have come at a big cost to society. Low employee wages, pressure on farmers to cut corners, money taken out of our local economy and a general indifference to the community. Even price fixing.

An unacceptably large cost in our view.

That said, we aim to offer as competitive a price as possible at all times. Sometimes our prices will even be better than theirs.

Please know that when you buy from us, all of the money stays within the community and helps to build a robust local economy. We promise never to price fix, mislead, or otherwise treat you as simply a consumer. To us, you are a valuable member of our community.

Thanks for shopping!

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