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  • What should I do with my delivery tote box?
    We reuse as much as possible. Please leave out your tote boxes and reusable materials like ice packs & fruit baskets from week to week so we can wash them and get them back in circulation. On the day of your next delivery, just leave your tote outside where we normally deliver and we will swap the old for the new! Please note, we do track our branded tote boxes and require that you leave them out for us to pick up. We will always work flexibly with you to get our totes back. However, if a tote box is lost or not returned, a $7.00 fee will be added to your account balance to reimburse the cost of the branded tote.
  • Do I need to order food with my alcohol order?
    Yes you do! According to AGCO rules, all orders containing alcohol must be accompanied with food. If your delivery order happens to only have alcohol, we will automatically add our Market Made popcorn to your order for $1.99. You can see this product here. Note, any single food item may be added, such as a lemon or lime! 🍹
  • Where and when do you deliver?
    On the day of your delivery we will send an email and/or text link when we begin delivering in your region. Using this link you can track your order in real-time with approximately 30 mins - 1 hr ahead of a delivery time. Due to the nature of our delivery routes optimized by electric car and cargo bike we do not guarantee exact delivery times: We deliver Please note we deliver 4 days a week in West Hamilton (Stretching from Westdale to James St. and from Main St. to the Escarpment). Tuesdays Downtown 1-5pm West Hamilton 1-5pm. Aldershot 1-5pm Wednesdays: East Hamilton: 1-3pm Dundurn Market Area 2-5pm. Thursdays: Burlington & Waterdown: 11-2pm Dundas: 1-4pm Friday: Ancaster: 11-2pm. Hamilton Mountain: 11-3pm West Hamilton 2-5pm.
  • Can I skip a week from my regular order schedule?
    Yes! If you’re headed out of town or for any reason want to skip your regular delivery, simply let us know by clicking the 'Skip Delivery' button on the 'Upcoming Deliveries' page. This feature will only skip that specified week’s delivery, so if you want to opt for an extended hold, we suggest visiting the "Delivery Hold" tab in your account settings. Here you can schedule a hold on all deliveries for any extended period of time.
  • Where will you put my groceries?
    We will put your groceries at your front door unless otherwise stated. Please let us know of any specific directions in the “Delivery Notes” section on the Sign-Up Page. We will leave your order in our re-usable market tote and ice packs in it so your order stays nice and fresh. Just leave your market tote and ice packs outside on your next scheduled delivery for us to collect it.
  • Do I need to be home and show ID for an order that includes Alcohol?
    Yes you do. Asking for ID is on a case by case basis and at the discretion of our Drivers (based on their Smart Serve Training). You do need to be home, however we always strive for a contact free delivery and just a simple recognition through a glass window or door will work!
  • There's been a mistake with my order. What now?
    Mistakes on orders are rare, but they can happen. Don't worry! We are here to fix it and fast. If you encounter any issue with your order; (missing / damaged item, expired / poor quality product, etc.) please let us know so we may correct it ASAP. Call or Email us: Mrktbox Delivery contact number: (289) - 492 - 2667 ext. 2 Email:
  • How much does delivery cost?
    We charge a flat delivery fee of $4.95 per delivery. However we offer Free Delivery for Seniors & folks who are immunocompromised. We also waive the delivery fee for any order over $95.
  • When will you charge me for my order? / Is my payment information safe?
    We will always bill each order for the day as soon as it is en route for delivery and shortly before it arrives at your home. You will receive an email receipt in addition to having access to each past order's itemized receipt when signed into the Mrktbox web page. Please note; We use a third party PCI fully compliant company that tokenizes your sensitive payment data. This means we DO NOT store your credit card information on our site, making it as safe as possible. At no time will any Mrktbox staff member request payment information via email. Please beware of any fraudulent attempts to request your payment information through email format and contact us if you ever encounter this situation in relation to Mrktbox inc.
  • When can I customize my Market Box? / When is my last chance to customize my order?
    Starting on Monday every week you can start customizing your market box for the week ahead & start adding any extra items to your order. You will have up until 12 PM the day before your delivery day to customize your order. For example: You have a market box delivery scheduled for Thursday. You will have from Monday until Wednesday @ 12 PM to make any changes and finalize your order. If you have missed the cut-off time and need to make a last minute change; please send an email to with your name and order date in the subject line.
  • Where can I see all my upcoming / past orders?
    To view UPCOMING orders: 1) First, login to your account on 2) Click on 'My account'. 3) Click on 'Upcoming Deliveries'. 4) Here, you can see all current and future orders. To view PAST orders & Receipts: 1) First, login to your account on 2) Click on 'My account'. 3) Click on 'Delivery History' 4) Here, you can see all past orders & click on the green order # links to view individual order details.
  • How do I close my account?
    With Mrktbox, there are no strings attached--you can close your account at any time. Simply login to your account, click 'My Account' > 'Account Info' > 'Go to Cancellation Form'. Once we receive your request, we’ll schedule a driver to pick up any bins, ice packs or foils you may have. One note: If you cancel after your cut off date & have a delivery scheduled for the following week, you will receive one final Market Box. At this point, our farmers have already received your order & begun harvesting.
  • How do you decide on the price of food?
    The cost of produce factors in everything it takes to get from seed to plate. The cost of seeds, labor, transport, packaging, and delivery all must be accounted for. This especially takes precedence when sourcing 'Fair Trade' products like bananas, Avocados & Coffee Beans to ensure farmers are given a fair cut. But we don’t take shortcuts and we don't use exploitative pricing. We do our best to remain competitive with other local grocers and want to offer food that is not only nutritious & delicious, but also affordable to you.
  • Where does your produce & meat come from?
    We partner with farmers who grow food and raise animals the right way. That means local, organic produce whenever possible, and meat from animals that were raised certified humane on small farms. We meet with each farmer we work with to discuss their farming practices before carrying their food in our markets. We try to support as many local growers as we can, as well as encourage a healthy regional food system.
  • What exactly does 'Local' mean?
    Glad you asked! Generally speaking, when we say it’s local, that means it came from Ontario, and likely from within a 75 km radius of Hamilton. We’re pretty serious about that. When you see items in your Market Box that are not local, we try our next best to ensure they are regional and at the very least USDA certified Organic. When you see warm-weather fruit or vegetables in your Market Box, that’s because we still want to offer as much variety as we can while maintaining our values on the off season of Ontario Farms.
  • How do I store my produce and should I wash it?
    Its best practice to always wash your fruits & vegetables before eating. When dealing with local & organic produce, despite having a significantly lower risk of pesticide residue, there still may be dirt that needs washing off. They did grow out of the earth after all! For more information about individual fruit, veggies and how to Store them click here: How to Store my fruits & vegetables
  • Still have a question?
    Send a message to and we'll get back to you asap!
  • What are your store hours?
    Our store hours vary seasonally. Generally we open each market from 8 am - 6 pm, 7 days a week. We like to extend our hours during the summer season & are often open for limited hours on most holidays. So! For all store hour updates and best accuracy please check our Instagram where we always share up to date store hours. @mrktbox
  • How come there's Mrktbox and then the Dundurn, Ottawa & Strathcona Market?
    Mrktbox is the name of our business as a whole. This includes not only our Home Delivery Program & Catering Services but our three brick-and-mortar locations nestled within the heart of Hamilton.
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