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Made in the Hammer: Summit Station Milk

We're thrilled to introduce our latest offering: Summit Station Dairy Milk, produced right here in Hamilton, Ontario. This isn't just any milk; it's a product steeped in history and local pride.

Summit Station Dairy, owned and operated by the Loewith family, has been a cornerstone of our community since 1947. Starting with just 15 Holstein cows, Joe Loewith built a legacy that his sons, Carl and Dave, and now his grandson Ben, proudly continue. Over the decades, the farm has earned accolades such as the Ironman Award from the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and recognition as one of Canada’s Top 10 Best Managed Dairy Herds.

The dairy’s name pays homage to the historic Summit Station, the highest point along the Toronto, Hamilton, and Buffalo railway line, once a critical hub for local farmers. Today, the legacy lives on through Summit Station Dairy Milk, which brings the freshest, highest quality milk from their farm to your table.

What sets Summit Station Dairy Milk apart is the commitment to tradition and excellence. The milk comes from a herd of 450 Holstein cows, all descendants of the original 15, ensuring consistency and quality. Each bottle reflects the Loewith family’s dedication to sustainable farming and animal welfare.

By choosing Summit Station Dairy Milk, you’re not only enjoying delicious, farm-fresh milk but also supporting local agriculture and a family business that’s been a part of Hamilton’s fabric for over 75 years. Experience the rich, creamy taste of tradition with Summit Station Dairy Milk, now available through Mrktbox.

For more on the Loewith family’s story and to sign up for home delivery, visit Summit Station Dairy. Let's raise a glass to local heritage and exceptional quality!

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