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New from the Kitchen: MRKTBOX Spice Blends!

Our Kitchen Manager, Chef Daniel, is the master of flavour (and style)!

Fans of MRKTmade Prepared Foods often ask how everything is so perfectly seasoned (hello hummus!). Not one to give away his trade secrets, Daniel mixed up two of his signature spice blends so that customers could enjoy MRKTBOX flavours in their own home cooking! Here a couple suggestions from the man himself...

BBQ Rub: Sweet, smoky & salty with a hint of fennel...

Pairs well with chicken and pork:

rub all over the night before and have the perfectly seasoned meat ready to grill the following day. Or, use it as a base rub for ribs or chicken before putting them in the smoker!

Into plant-based eating? Try the BBQ rub on extra firm tofu or tempeh!

Dukkah: Zesty with the right amount of crunch...

You may recognize this if you love our famous hummus! This citrus and nutty blend of spices goes well on eggs, and finishes your grilled veggies. Toast up a slice of Dear Grain sourdough, mash up some avocado and sprinkle with dukkah and a pinch of sea salt. Perfection!

Looking for a quick dip? Combine Dukkah with dairy or plant-based yogurt or sour cream. Oh hey, you could also jazz up a salad! The possibilies are truly endless when you have Dukkah on hand.

We'd love to see how you use these spice blends in your home cooking... show off your creations on Instagram and tag us so we can share it and inspire other folks!

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