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A Friendlier way for Takeaway

In the fast-pace of our modern lives, the convenience of takeout meals has become a daily necessity. However, this convenience has come at a significant environmental cost, with single-use containers contributing to the mounting waste crisis. Friendlier aims to change this narrative by eliminating single-use packaging waste and promoting a more sustainable, regenerative future.

Friendlier's sustainable solution revolves around introducing reusable food containers and a streamlined reuse system. This approach keeps resources in circulation longer, reducing landfill waste and closing the loop in our economy as it creates a regenerative system by phasing out single-use products and reducing energy expenditure.

A reality check on Green Alternatives

Despite the good intentions behind recyclable and compostable packaging, the reality is that these solutions often fall short. Many recyclable materials never make it to the recycling center due to contamination, and those that do require significant energy to process. Meanwhile, compostable packaging, which is hailed as an eco-friendly miracle, in many cases cannot be processed by municipal compost facilities and ends up in the trash, failing to decompose as intended.  

From Vision to Reality

Friendlier has had a remarkable journey, expanding to over 200 locations across Ontario and partnering with businesses of all sizes. With ambitious plans for growth, Friendlier is on track to becoming one of Canada's leading reuse companies.  The collective effort reflects a shift towards sustainability that is affordable and convenient, making it easier than ever for folks to embrace a greener lifestyle.

The Design and Impact

Friendlier containers are not just vessels for meals; they are a sustainable alternative designed for both the environment and food lovers. Freezer, fridge, and microwave safe, these containers are made with #5 polypropylene plastic, ensuring they are non-chemical leaching and BPA-free, catering to all food service needs.

The Friendlier Container Program at Mrktbox

Making the conscious decision towards environmental responsibility, Mrktbox has chosen to shift away from compostable containers and embrace the more sustainable alternative that is Friendlier’s reusable container program. By aligning with Friendlier, Mrktbox aims to contribute to a cleaner environment while providing customers with an eco-friendly option for their on-the-go meals.  This initiative offers customers the chance to enjoy their Market Made favourites with a minimal 50-cent deposit for a Friendlier reusable container. The process is straightforward yet impactful: order, enjoy, return, and trade out your container or receive your 50-cent credit at your next purchase.

By participating in the Friendlier container program, customers contribute to a tangible impact. Returning each container signifies a step away from single-use plastics and towards a sustainable future. The program's simplicity enhances its beauty, offering customers the opportunity to be part of a global solution with every meal.  This program isn’t just an eco-friendly alternative; it's a call to action for consumers and businesses to reconsider their environmental footprint and an invitation to embrace a friendlier approach to our planet, one meal at a time.

Join the Friendlier Movement

The Friendlier container program is a testament to what we can achieve when sustainability becomes ingrained in our daily lives.  As we move forward, let's carry the message that sustainability is not only necessary but achievable in our everyday choices. Each step towards a cleaner planet is a celebration, knowing that together, we are making a difference.

Discover more about the Friendlier reusable container program and its positive impact on the environment at  Learn how this sustainable initiative is reshaping the way we approach takeout meals 

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