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Arva Flour Mills: Celebrating a century of Red River Cereal

Updated: Mar 4

You may have heard that Arva Flour Mills is the new exclusive home of Red River Cereal. The rumours are true!  We are so happy they’ve reintroduced this Canadian staple to anyone who has been sorely missing their favourite breakfast cereal.  The century old Hot Cereal that has been a favourite way for thousands of Canadians to start their day is back in production at the Historic Arva Flour Mill!

Depending if you're a Boomer, an X’er, Millennial or club Z, you might recall this iconic cereal brand in your old kitchen cabinet.  Created in Manitoba by Gertrude Edna all the way back in 1924, Cereal was named after the Red River that runs through Southern Manitoba and into Lake Winnipeg.

After being altered  & eventually discontinued, the fate of this classic beloved breakfast seemed bleak.  But in 2022, thanks to Arva flour Mills , the quintessential Canadian hot cereal came back to reclaim its honour, and with the Original recipe. 

Made the original way, this iconic blend features Cracked Wheat, Cracked Rye, and Cracked 

& Whole Flax. Red River Cereal is a timeless classic that continues to delight breakfast enthusiasts.

Venture to the banks of Medway Creek in Arva, Ontario, and discover the Historic Arva Flour Mill – in operation for a staggering 203 YEARS! It stands as Canada's 6th oldest continuously operating business. Around 1900, the original grist mill stones were replaced with roller mills, which were the “state of the art” at the time.  These are the vintage milling machines still used to produce their flours today, holding commitment to tradition.

Arva Flour Mill proudly asserts authenticity and freshness. The natural, truly artisan flour is sourced from nearby farms, establishing a connection to the past with every bag. It goes beyond being just a mill; it's a genuine small mill, ensuring that every variant of Arva flour hasn't lingered on a shelf or in a warehouse for weeks or months.

Free of preservatives, chemicals, or enhancers, crafted with precision from locally grown wheat on smaller nearby farms to ensure a pure taste.  Offering distinct types including Arva Daisy 100% Whole Wheat Hard Flour, Arva Imperial Unbleached Pastry Flour, and Arva Red Fife Flour, no baker is left unsatisfied.

Another favourite of many is the famous Arva Beer Bread. For a playful touch, explore the world of Beer Bread – a quick bread that requires no yeast or proofing. Simply add your favourite beer or carbonated beverage, a bit of melted butter, whisk, pour, and in 45 minutes, enjoy a savoury or sweet side to complement any meal or special occasion with half a dozen different flavours!

So to all our baking buddies, home-cooking champs, and bread aficionados, it's time to savour the taste of Canadian Tradition!  When you're whipping up your next gluten-ful kitchen wonder, make it a slice of Canadian history with some Arva Flour! Check out more about Arva Four Mill at their website.


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