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Behind the Bubbles

Sharing the Story of Escarpment Kombucha's Flavourful and Sustainable Brews.

Discover the crafted delight of Escarpment Kombucha, where traditional brewing techniques meet sustainability. Nestled in the heart of Hamilton, this boutique kombucha brewery stands out for its commitment to small-batch production, local sourcing, and environmental stewardship.

Nowadays, the word is out about kombucha and most folks, if they don’t already enjoy it themselves, know a friend or family member who simply can’t help sharing all about it. But for those unfamiliar, kombucha is a fermented tea recognized for its slight fizziness, unique sweet-sour profile, and numerous health benefits. Its roots stretch back centuries, with a rich history in various cultures around the world. Escarpment Kombucha preserves this traditional beverage crafting from high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients, while adding a modern twist through their innovative flavour combinations.

Sourcing Locally, Thinking Globally

Say Hello to Robyn and Drew, the driving force behind Escarpment Kombucha, brewing up flavourful goodness. Their ingredients are a testament to their commitment to sustainability and quality. Over 85% of their botanicals and produce are sourced locally, purchased directly from farmers, ensuring their kombucha is not only delicious but also supports local agriculture. For ingredients not found locally, like their base teas and cane sugar, they turn to organic, Ontario-based wholesalers. Unique ingredients such as rhubarb, staghorn sumac, and cedar fronds are harvested through their partnership with Baba Link Organic Farm.

At Escarpment Kombucha, every bottle tells a story of dedication and craft. With batches ranging from 10 to 25 litres, their kombucha is a labour of love, meticulously brewed, fermented, and carbonated by hand. This process allows them to refine each batch to perfection, avoiding the energy-intensive equipment found in larger operations. Operating from The Kitchen Collective, a non-profit communal kitchen, Escarpment Kombucha, alongside other small businesses, minimizes their carbon footprint by sharing resources, embodying their ethos of community and sustainability.

Escarpment Kombucha believes in minimizing waste at every step of their production process. From composting their tea leaves and excess SCOBY to utilizing reusable glass bottles and recyclable materials, they're dedicated to a zero-waste philosophy. Their innovative packaging solutions, including compostable seals and biodegradable labels, ensure that their products are as sustainable as they are delicious.

Beyond their environmental initiatives, Escarpment Kombucha is dedicated to making a positive impact within their community. A portion of their profits is allocated to supporting local organizations that align with their values, from empowering marginalized groups to environmental stewardship. This ethos of giving back is woven into the fabric of their business, reinforcing the idea that small, mindful enterprises can be powerful agents of change.

Join the Escarpment Kombucha Club

Elevate your kombucha experience by joining the Escarpment Kombucha Club. Choose from 1L growlers or convenient 355ml bottle packs and enjoy exclusive flavours, seasonal specials, and the satisfaction of supporting a business that's as passionate about sustainability as you are. Plus, with their bottle deposit system, you're not just enjoying exquisite kombucha; you're participating in a circular economy that prioritizes the planet.

Seasonal Flavours ON-TAP @ Strathcona Market

An additional highlight for many kombucha aficionados is the Escarpment Kombucha keg at the Strathcona Market location! With 1L growlers on site, come experience a rotating selection of seasonal flavours, reflecting the freshest ingredients and most creative combinations conceived by Drew and Robyn.

With flavours that convert skeptics from the tangy and refreshing Blackberry Sumac to the delicate and uplifting Raspberry Lavender, their kombucha is crafted to highlight the unique characteristics of the locally sourced ingredients. An upcoming seasonal offering: Chamomile Magic (coming soon to the Strathcona Market Keg), with its blend of local organic chamomile, butterfly pea flower, and lemon verbena, showcases Robyn & Drew’s creativity when featuring the abundance of botanical delights from Ontario.

Read more about their journey, their products, and how you can become part of the Escarpment Kombucha family by following their instagram @escarpementkombucha or visiting the blog on their website where they often document all the ways to put kombucha to good use in our kitchens (besides the obvious) and get into some DIY home fermentation as well. Join them in their mission to craft delicious, sustainable kombucha that's good for you and the planet.

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